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j have been at this for a bit i tried Amazon which was suppose to be easy and was not i am sure that there are quite a few people out there that will beg to differ with me, But it isn’t for the illiterate user i am not computer savvy to say the least But the tools they offer are hard for me to fathom how they work i would follow the instructions so i thought to a T But none of the banners would appear on my sites social media or here or anywhere i would post them on or i would only get the index and not the script or no image so after many months of trying to figure it out i finally ended being one of the things i hate a quitter i just couldn’t get it and now i am pretty sure Amazon has given up on me. i am gonna try eBay now but thus far it is the same I guess I have one thing that I can take from this and that’s to kinda drag you the readers( lol hopefully there will be one or two that will read this) thanks mom and the guy I paid five dollars to(not really) well I had this brain store and sn epiphany all of a sudden like a brain surge and if you have never had one lol go snd get one they are white lovely! Anyeay to cut to the chase I tried affiliate marketing and it was all.bad some people just have the natural ability to do sales and I seem to be one of them so I decided to try my hand at copy and paste anither disaster I couldnt get my laptop to work in the middle of my bosses instructions dp I lost her twice got get back up but she made it difficult to really follow as every step I would have go send her a screenshot so not being very fast at this technology the internet and iPhones android mini pads laptop what have you so while I’m pasted


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